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The G.A.L. Story

Herbert Paul Glaser, an industrious German emigrant, along with his friends Jack Abramowitz, and Harold Leon, put their savings together in 1927 and founded G.A.L. Electro Mechanical Services. With $900, the partners bought a couple of pieces of equipment and started building and repairing elevator related equipment in the basement of a building at 178th and Amsterdam in New York.

With Glaser providing a steady stream of new designs, the company began to grow. In the first 6 months GAL was carrying 10 products that had been designed and built in house. Still, times were tight, and in 1929, Jack Abramowitz decided to go his own way.

The company grew slowly and steadily until war broke out in 1941. At that time, like many businesses, GAL was pressed into manufacturing war materials for several years. The line of elevator products, gate switches, interlocks, and the like, were set aside to support our country.

When the war was over, GAL returned to it's roots in earnest. There was an ever burgeoning number of independent elevator contractors who were creating a huge demand for new products. From the end of the war until 1960, the company flourished like never before. It was during this period that the first door operator, the product that put GAL on the map, was developed. The customer base, which had been primarily in the New York area expanded, and GAL became a nation wide business, providing high quality, innovative elevator products from coast to coast.

Through the 1960's GAL marked many important and positive milestones. January 1, 1960, GAL bought Hollister Whitney. At about the same time, Glaser's sons, Herb Jr. and Walter joined the business, and in 1967, Glaser bought out Harold Leon, his one remaining partner and renamed the business GAL Manufacturing Corp. Last but certainly not least, in 1970, after moving several times as the company grew, GAL settled into their current manufacturing facility on 153rd. Street in the Bronx - in the shadow of Yankee Stadium.

Throughout the 70's and 80's, GAL continued to prosper and grow. Products were improved, product lines were expanded, and the customer base spread out of North America to include countries all over the world. By this time, GAL and Hollister Whitney "The Team Of Excellence" had a solid reputation for manufacturing high quality elevator components at value prices. While other suppliers to the industry came and went, GAL became a mainstay, a standard, a dependable ally of elevator contractors everywhere.

The 90's were also good to GAL. Herb Glaser Sr. remained active at GAL, designing, re-designing, inventing, and improving the company's products until his passing in 1997. By that time he and his two sons had been joined in the family business by four of his grandsons - each indoctrinated with the old man's work ethic, genius, honesty, and generosity. It was with this momentum that GAL entered the new millennium.

GAL Today

The leadership at GAL is shared by Herb Glaser Jr. and brother Walter Glaser. The company operates from it's 100,000 Square foot manufacturing facility at 50 East 153rd. Street, Bronx , NY, 10451.

GAL Manufacturing remains true to it's name in that the vast majority of products offered are produced in-house. With over 225 people involved in production, GAL's manufacturing capability ranges from single spindle drill presses up to CNC machining and punching equipment. We perform nearly every imaginable metal machining, punching, forming, welding, and finishing operation. Other areas produce solid state boards, do painting and coating, centrifugal casting, injection molding, and every sort of assembly.

Out of the 65 people who work in the office at GAL, most are involved in customer support. We have a large production engineering staff, who along with R & D, utilize the latest CAD equipment. Our sales and customer service people are experts at what they do and have all the information to assist customers at their fingertips.

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