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When GAL began New York City’s skyline looked very different: the age of the skyscraper had barely begun. Now we don’t claim to own the view, but we do like to think we helped make its enjoyment a bit more possible. Without our elevator products, many might still be using the stairs to take in their own panoramic views. You can find our equipment everywhere. In fact you’d be hard-pressed to find a lift where we don’t play a part in some fashion. True, the NYC skyline was designed and built by others, but the breathtaking view that millions enjoy daily— that was brought to you courtesy of companies like us.

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Premier provider of elevator products

Based in a 100,000 sq.ft. NYC facility, GAL Manufacturing provides top quality products, innovative solutions, and free customer technical phone support.

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Advanced manufacturing and assembly

GAL offers a complete range of sophisticated machining and production facilities, in addition to skilled design and R&D capabilities.

Who We Are

We are the world’s leading provider of nonproprietary Elevator Door Equipment, Controls and Signal Fixtures. GAL Manufacturing is the cornerstone of the GAL family of companies, which includes GAL Canada, Hollister-Whitney, Courion and Bore-Max. We have more than 350 employees building the highest quality products in the heart of the Bronx in NYC. In addition to crafting innovative products, GAL Manufacturing is renowned for superb customer service, and for providing outstanding and always free technical phone support services. GAL Manufacturing is a member in just about every professional elevator organization or association, and is dedicated to making elevators safer for industry professionals and passengers alike.


Founded as G.A.L Electro Mechanical Services in 1927 by Herbert Glaser, Jack Ambramowitz, and Harold Leon, the company started out in a small building basement at 178th St. and Amsterdam Ave. in New York City. Starting with its own line of gate switches, interlocks, and door operators, the company grew from being a key local supplier of lift products into a major national provider to the industry. In 1960 the company bought Hollister-Whitney, allowing GAL to broaden its line of nonproprietary equipment offerings. Teaming together allowed GAL to enlarge and utilize its R&D capabilities more efficiently, better coordinate distribution and customer service, and aided the company in its efforts to keep costs down for the entire industry. In 1967 the company was renamed GAL Manufacturing Corp., and in 1970 it moved to its current 100,000 sq.ft. manufacturing home near Yankee Stadium at 50 East 153rd St. in the Bronx.

In 2005 GAL acquired Elevator Components Inc. (ECI), merging them with GAL Canada. In 2017, GAL Manufacturing acquired both Courion, a leading provider of freight elevator door systems, and Bore-Max, a producer of highly regarded hydraulic elevator components.

Producing the vast majority of its products in-house, GAL utilizes equipment ranging from single spindle drill presses to CNC machining and punching equipment. To complement our metal working operations, we offer surface mount and thru-hole circuit boards, injection molding, centrifugal casting, painting, coating, and are well equipped to handle any sort of assembly required. Customers have also come to rely on GAL’s skills in engineering and R&D to provide them with innovative special and or customized product solutions.

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