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Air Purification Layer of Protection during Holiday Gatherings

In many places, COVID-19 numbers are on the rise and with the latest news of the fast-moving Omicron variant, we are once again reminded that COVID is here to stay. And with deaths continuing to rise, Americans are understandably concerned as they prepare to gather with family and friends for the holidays.

In a recent interview with CBS News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook, he explains how Americans can stay safe during the holidays. Dr. LaPook says, “the more layers of protection, the smaller the risk”. The layers he listed are:

  1. Vaccination (including a booster)
  2. Masks
  3. Keeping a safe distance
  4. Washing your hands
  5. Getting COVID tests
  6. Improving ventilation and air filtration

Since the virus travels through the air, air filtration is key. Dr. LaPook goes on to explain, “There should be good ventilation – open the windows and doors, and consider using an air purifier.”

One overlooked place for air quality is elevator cabs used in high-rise office and apartment buildings. In fact, the CDC recently stated, “that the confined space inside an elevator cabin creates a greater risk for the transmission of diseases, and recommends that office buildings add supplemental air ventilation or local air treatment devices to cabins to protect riders from COVID-19.”

We at GAL Manufacturing – a Vantage Company and the leading provider of non-proprietary elevator equipment since 1927 – recently made available CleanCab™ by GAL featuring ActivePure Technology®. This new elevator purification device is powered by ActivePure, which is proven to neutralize viruses in the air and on surfaces, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

CleanCab by GAL works by pulling oxygen and water molecules in the air through ActivePure’s patented honeycomb matrix where powerful oxidizers, known as “ActivePure Molecules” are created. The ActivePure Molecules are then released back into the elevator cab, where they vigorously neutralize pathogens such as MS2 Bacteriophage RNA virus, Staphylococcus Epidermidis, and others on surfaces and in the air.

In fact, CleanCab can even run effectively while riders are utilizing the elevator. There is no need to shut down the elevator for maintenance and cleaning during the busy holiday season.

For building owners and facility managers seeking more information on CleanCab, visit

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