Jet II

Jet II is a set of pre-configured car and hall operating fixtures that allow you to create a fully customized look from a wide range of cover materials, button and key switch styles.

Our easy-to-use order process allows you to accurately price your order up front which saves you time, effort and money – virtually eliminating the approval process. Once placed, your Jet II order can ship out to site within as little as four weeks.

All Jet II fixtures are engineered to accommodate local and state codes and to meet all ANSI, CSA, and ADA requirements.

World of Fixtures (PDF) 3.84 MB DOWNLOAD
Data Forms/Notices
ePackage Data Form (PDF) 1.97 MB DOWNLOAD
Signal Fixture Data Form (PDF) 2.06 MB DOWNLOAD
Installation/Assembly Manuals
Jet II: Order Forms (PDF) 4.23 MB DOWNLOAD
Telephone Manual (PDF) 73.09 KB DOWNLOAD