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Take the opportunity to join one of our complimentary educational classes in the GAL™ training room in Bronx, NY. This is your chance to discover all the latest product design features and installation procedures, as well as get fully updated on key regional code requirements.

All our training classes are led by skilled product engineers who share their best tips and advice for all major product lines. We also accommodate custom training for any group size.

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GAL™ Door Equipment

Length: 2.5 Hours
Learn about GAL™ Door Equipment features, benefits, and get details on proper installation, adjustment and troubleshooting information. The course covers the GAL™ LWZ-2 series clutch and zone locking device, as well as MOVFR and MOVFE™ 2500 linear and harmonic series operators. Instructors will review key code compliance issues including Kinetic Energy code requirements. Attendees will be able to pose questions afterwards to GAL™ Door Equipment Design and Support team members in a Q&A session.

Hollister-Whitney Rope Gripper

Length: 1.5 Hours
Here you‚ will review the principles, Code Compliance issues, installation and maintenance details for one of the most respected emergency brakes in the marketplace today. This course provides an easy way to familiarize professionals with the device before they encounter it in the field. Here one can learn how to avoid common mistakes and pick up information useful when specifying or installing Rope Gripper technology.

GALaxy™ Controls

Length: 4.5 Hours
Take a serious look at our family of GALaxy™ Controllers, including the new eHydro. Subject topics include product features, design, installation, adjustment, and troubleshooting tips. Q&A opportunities are provided during this session.

Win two free tickets and see the Yankees play
We know you are here for business, but there is no reason why you can’t mix in some playtime too. Every attendee of a GAL™ Summer Training Course will be entered into a drawing, where at the end of a class they could win two free tickets to attend a NY Yankees baseball game!

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To attend, call our Tech Support Main Line at 877-425-7778 or go to and ask for details. We look forward to seeing you. But you need to sign up now. Because both class space and the summer is going by fast. And if you’d like a chance to see the Yankees for free, then you need to move now!