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Replacement Parts

Explore the entire range of GAL™ replacement parts in our digital catalog, or find a specific part using our online parts search function.

Online GAL™ Parts Catalog

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GAL™ Parts Manual (PDF) 36.56 MB DOWNLOAD
Electro Mechanical Complete Old Parts Book (PDF) 5.40 MB DOWNLOAD
Operators(OP-1 to OP-25) (PDF) 4.82 MB DOWNLOAD
Clutches (OP-30 to OP-33) (PDF) 432.53 KB DOWNLOAD
Retiring Cam (RC-1) (PDF) 153.12 KB DOWNLOAD
Electric Eye (EE-1 and IREE) (PDF) 292.06 KB DOWNLOAD
Safety Edges (Q-SE-5 to SE-7) (PDF) 538.73 KB DOWNLOAD
Car Door Hangers (CDH-1 to CHD-4) (PDF) 396.44 KB DOWNLOAD
Hatch Door Hangers (HH-1 to HH-4) (PDF) 395.83 KB DOWNLOAD
Interlocks (NT-1 to INT-22) (PDF) 990.92 KB DOWNLOAD
Switches and Contacts (SW-1 to SW-13) (PDF) 556.58 KB DOWNLOAD
Arm Closers (CL-1 to CL-5) (PDF) 277.59 KB DOWNLOAD