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Explore the entire range of GAL™ replacement parts in our digital catalog, or find a specific part using our online parts search function.

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To serve you better, we are implementing changes to our parts order process that supports improved parts availability and faster order fulfillment. We are also offering the option to pick-up parts orders at either the recently opened Vantage Regional Service Center in Astoria, Queens or at GAL Bronx. Moving forward, we ask that all Purchase Orders (PO’s) for parts sales in the United States be issued to Vantage Elevation LLC, 50 East 153rd Street, Bronx, NY 10451. Please contact your sales representative for further information.
GAL™ Parts Manual (PDF) 36.56 MB DOWNLOAD
Electro Mechanical Complete Old Parts Book (PDF) 5.40 MB DOWNLOAD
Operators(OP-1 to OP-25) (PDF) 4.82 MB DOWNLOAD
Clutches (OP-30 to OP-33) (PDF) 432.53 KB DOWNLOAD
Retiring Cam (RC-1) (PDF) 153.12 KB DOWNLOAD
Electric Eye (EE-1 and IREE) (PDF) 292.06 KB DOWNLOAD
Safety Edges (Q-SE-5 to SE-7) (PDF) 538.73 KB DOWNLOAD
Car Door Hangers (CDH-1 to CHD-4) (PDF) 396.44 KB DOWNLOAD
Hatch Door Hangers (HH-1 to HH-4) (PDF) 395.83 KB DOWNLOAD
Interlocks (NT-1 to INT-22) (PDF) 990.92 KB DOWNLOAD
Switches and Contacts (SW-1 to SW-13) (PDF) 556.58 KB DOWNLOAD
Arm Closers (CL-1 to CL-5) (PDF) 277.59 KB DOWNLOAD