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GAL Door Equipment

For almost a century, we have been the industry’s most trusted supplier of dependable elevator door equipment and safety solutions.

LWL Clutch and Interlock
Modernization Kits

We offer a variety of operators to suit all main requirements, and work in partnership with our customers to offer designs that meet the needs of tomorrow.

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Car Door Hangers

Our heavy-duty door hangers are proven to significantly reduce noise and enhance the durability and strength of the entire door system.

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Our dependable door clutches are designed to endure millions of cycles of repeated, heavy use over several years of operation.

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Door Protection

We offer a range of options for own-design or supplied door protection systems as a central element of an overall door package.

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Hatch Door Hangers

Our hatch door hanger is a sturdy and dependable option for hatch doors, engineered to sustain long-term operation.

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Our interlocks are mechanical safety locks, crafted to provide complete peace of mind as well as a smooth and risk-free door operation.

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Door Closers

GAL Door Closers are the ideal choice for fulfilling the code-required hoistway closing function that all elevators need.

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Switches and Contacts

GAL provides a complete suite of well-engineered, heavy-duty switches and contacts to meet all professional requirements for any elevator type.

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Unintended Car Movement (UCM) and Ascending Car Overspeed (ACO) Prevention

GAL Fault Monitors work seamlessly with all elevator controllers on the market, ensuring easy implementation to extend the safety of an existing elevator for UCM and ACO prevention.

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