COVID-19 Bulletin

At Vantage, we have an unwavering commitment to the safety of our customers and team members. As we deal with the threat of the COVID-19 virus, we have put extra measures in place to help ensure the health and wellness of our team members and customers. Given the essential nature of our industry, we know that it is vital that our team members continue to keep our production processes flowing. Currently, we are taking extraordinary measures to ensure their health and safety as we continue to operate in near normal mode at all of our facilities.

Vantage Fixtures

Vantage Fixtures Designed & Made by MAD, a fixture line in partnership with MAD Elevator is now being offered to the North American Market. This offering, comprised of MAD’s existing and future line of products, is an outstanding complement to the Vantage lineup of controllers and elevator equipment that supports the vision of offering extensive equipment solutions to enhance the customer experience.

The powerful partnership between Vantage and MAD brings together the expertise, convenience, and product solutions of Vantage with the industry-leading fixtures and manufacturing capabilities of MAD.


We are living in extraordinary times that require new solutions in all aspects of public health, including elevator passenger interfacing.

We offer solutions that reduce risk by limiting passenger contact with contaminated surfaces.

For more information, contact your local representative at

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