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Car Operating Panel

Forget those broken plastic unit buttons!

The Impulse+ retrofit kit is designed as a drop in replacement for the Dover Impulse Hydraulic Elevator fixture.

The Impulse+ offers a turn key solution that improves the look of your elevator while increasing its reliability.

With the vandal proof Stainless Steel pressel and BS push button you can expect a life usage of up to 1,500,000 activations.

The Impulse+ fixtures are designed to fit into the existing back box/front return, eliminating the need to mount new boxes. Impulse+ comes standard with brushed stainless steel and either BS Series or BP Series Vandal Resistant Pushbutton in Red or Blue Illumination.

Impulse+ Brochure (PDF) 3.36 MB DOWNLOAD
Impulse+ Copper Brochure (PDF) 3.27 MB DOWNLOAD