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At Vantage, we have an unwavering commitment to the safety of our customers and team members. As we deal with the threat of the COVID-19 virus, we have put extra measures in place to help ensure the health and wellness of our team members and customers. Given the essential nature of our industry, we know that it is vital that our team members continue to keep our production processes flowing. Currently, we are taking extraordinary measures to ensure their health and safety as we continue to operate in near normal mode at all of our facilities.

Renew Hydro™

Our Renew Hydro™ offering includes a controller, fixtures, pump unit, door equipment, and sundry items. These well-engineered modernization solutions feature quick installation, easy maintenance, and years of reliable performance. All from one source.

Whether you’re a Building Owner, Consultant or Contractor, Renew Hydro™ simplifies demanding elevator modernization projects. Bundling the perfect combination of components from the Vantage product portfolio, you’ll get everything you need to enhance safety, performance, and reliability, all from a single source.

Download our Brochure, Product Definition, RFQ and Field Survey Forms below.


For the Installer
• One-step quote and ordering portal
• Remote monitorable technology platforms
• Coordinated ‘to site’ shipping program
• Easy install with on-site assistance available

For the Consultant
• Latest building & elevator code compliance
• A reputable and proven product
• Integration with the existing infrastructure
• Security alignment with building systems

For the Building Owner
• Enhanced safety
• Increased reliability
• Improved passenger value perception
• Minimal installation disruption

To learn more about Renew Hydro and the Vantage Renew Series, contact your local region representative.


RENEW hydro Product Brochure (PDF) 3.93 MB DOWNLOAD
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Product Definition
RENEW hydro Product Definition (PDF) 193.52 KB DOWNLOAD
Field Survey Forms
RENEW hydro Field Survey Form Base 1-7 (PDF) 2.52 MB DOWNLOAD
RENEW hydro Field Survey Form 1SS (PDF) 106.61 KB DOWNLOAD
RENEW hydro Field Survey Form 2SS (PDF) 115.95 KB DOWNLOAD
RENEW hydro Field Survey Form CP (PDF) 109.32 KB DOWNLOAD
RENEW hydro Field Survey Form 2CP (PDF) 126.72 KB DOWNLOAD
RENEW hydro Field Survey Form Mini Swing (PDF) 101.40 KB DOWNLOAD
RENEW hydro Field Survey Form LH Full Swing (PDF) 85.20 KB DOWNLOAD
RENEW hydro Field Survey Form RH Full Swing (PDF) 92.40 KB DOWNLOAD
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