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LWL Clutch and Interlock

Reduce risk. Maintain compliance. Maximize availability.

An astounding 58% of elevator zone locks either don’t work or have been bypassed, according to a study conducted in 2022 by a major US elevator association. Traditional zone locks increase risk when they are either improperly installed or circumvented.

Introducing the Retrofittable GAL™ Car Door Interlock and LWL Clutch

The LWL Clutch and Car Door Interlock package from Vantage adds another level of protection to your elevators. It combines the functionality of a gate switch and a zone lock into one device, lessening the chance of human error and circumvention when it comes to keeping your car doors closed during operation.

Designed to work with the GAL™ MOVFR II Harmonic Door Operator and standard MOH and MOCPH Hoistway interlock packages, the LWL Clutch and Car Door Interlock package can be retrofitted to existing installations quickly, easily—and inexpensively.

An Open and Shut Case for a Better Zone Lock

Mitigate Safety Risks
  • UL certified to ASME A17.1-2019 for the US and Canada.
  • Reduces risk of safety incidents by combining a locking mechanism and circuit into one device to eliminate circumvention.
Seamless Integration
  • Compatible with standard GAL™ MOH and MOCPH hatch equipment and locks.
  • LWL clutch is an upgraded drop-in replacement for the LWZ-2 clutch.
  • Retrofittable to GAL™ door equipment.
  • Follows standard GAL™ templates.
  • Meets current interlock code requirements.
  • Meets ASME code requirements.
  • Increases safety for elevator passengers over a traditional zone lock.
  • Greatly reduces the chance of circumvention of safety devices.
Optimum Elevator Availability
  • Quick and easy installation means minimum downtime.
    Maximizes elevator availability.
Installation Savings
  • Eliminates the need for fascia on the hall side.
  • Combines the functionality of the gate switch and zone lock into one device.
  • Faster to install and adjust than many zone lock mechanisms.

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Product Brochure
GAL™ LWL Product Brochure (PDF) 1.05 MB DOWNLOAD
Installation Guide
LWL Clutch and Interlock Installation Guide – Doc-0152N (PDF) 4.95 MB DOWNLOAD