UCM and ACO Prevention

In 1978, GAL introduced the industry’s first elevator Door Lock Monitor, a safety solution which proved to be a major leap towards creating a safe environment for all elevator passengers. Our basic Fault Monitor (FM1) is designed to immediately detect faulty or jumped door circuits, preventing door closure and suspending all car movement until the fault is cleared. The extended Fault Monitor (FMG1) integrates with the Hollister-Whitney Rope Gripper®, monitoring for any unintended movement or over-speed conditions to safely prevent car movement and protect passengers.

Both GAL Fault Monitors work seamlessly with all elevator controllers on the market, ensuring easy implementation when looking to extend the safety of an existing elevator for UCM (Unintended Car Movement) and ACO (Ascending Car Overspeed).

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Data Forms/Notices
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Installation/Assembly Manuals
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